Clinical Data

The Driver Stent has proven clinical efficacy both in registries and a randomized controlled trial.

Efficacy Demonstrated Both In Registries and a Randomized Controlled Trial

Confidence In Clinical Outcomes

  • Nearly 600 patients followed to 5 years1
  • More than 3400 patients studied2

1ENDEAVOR II, Driver control arm.
2More than 3400 patients studied includes:E II Driver arm (n=599), Driver registry (n=298), International Driver Registry (n=792), DRASTIC (n=805), DRASTIC II (n=600), Micro Driver registry (n = 135), CLASS study (n=202) .

Low TLR In Registries

Comprehensive Experience In Real-World Patients


Driver TLR in Registries

CLASS study 6-mo TLR. Driver Registry 9-mo TLR; International Driver Registry 9-mo TLR.

Durable Efficacy to 5 Years In Pivotal Trial

  • 16.3% at 5 years, an increase of just over three percent from 13.1% four years earlier

Low TLR in ENDEAVOR II: Driver Control Arm

Years 1–5 TLR E II 5-year, Driver control arm.


Baseline Characteristics
ENDEAVOR II: Driver Control Arm

n = 599
Diameters (mm) 2.25–3.5
Primary endpoint TVF at 9 mo
RVD (mm) 2.76
Lesion length (mm) 14.38
Pre-procedure MLD (mm) 0.84
Diabetes (%) 22.2
B2/C (%) 79.0

Clinical Data Overview

24 Month Results Summary


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