Revolutionary Stent Engineering

Continuous Sinusoid Technology

The Integrity BMS is the next leap forward in stent engineering that began with the Driver® BMS, a worldwide leader in bare metal stents. Made from an advanced cobalt chromium alloy with ultrathin, round struts, the Integrity BMS provides excellent deliverability and impressive structural performance.

The Integrity BMS is made of a single, continuous strand of wire formed into a sinusoid. The stent is then wrapped in a helical pattern and fused at specific locations similar to the Driver stent to ensure maximum flexibility and conformability. The result is dramatic: The Integrity BMS sets the new standard in stent deliverability.

New Paradigm in Stent Design and Manufacturing

Integrity Stent Design

Medtronic's Continuous Sinusoid Technology

Integrity Technology

Resolute Integrity Zotarolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System

Now Available in 34 and 38mm Lengths

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